Quest For “Junior A” Status

GOJHL is fighting for Junior A status!

We are currently classified as a Junior B hockey league, which puts our players at a distinct
disadvantage compared to Junior A teams. Despite having the second largest number of registered
hockey participants in the province AND the country as well as having a level of play equal to, or
better than that of other Junior A leagues, the GOJHL has been repeatedly denied reclassification.
This forces our athletes to relocate up to 8 hours and spend immense amounts of money in order
to increase their visibility to scouts by playing on a Junior A team. The GOJHL is urging the OHA to
approve its reclassification bid to level the playing field for junior hockey players across the province
no matter where they’re located and enhance the overall quality and competitiveness of Junior A

We’re calling on the OHA to “DO THE RIGHT THING!”


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